HSA Accounts

HSAs were created to help individuals with qualified high deductible health plans save money for medical expenses.

Am I eligible to open an HSA?

You are eligible for an HSA if you can answer “yes” to ALL of the following statements:

  • I am covered by a qualified high deductible health plan on the first day of the month (HDHP).
  • I have no other health coverage except what is permitted under Other Health Coverage, as described in the IRS Publication 969.
  • I am not enrolled in Medicare.
  • I am not eligible to be claimed as a dependent on another person’s tax return.

What can I use my HSA for?

The IRS provides Publication 502 as a resource listing of the Qualified Medical Expenses that your HSA may be used to pay for.

Want to learn more?

The IRS provides Publication 969 for you to understand the specifics of Health Savings Accounts including:

  • The benefits of having an HSA
  • Deductible limits and what is considered a High Deductible Health Plan
  • How to report HSA transactions on your tax forms

Open your HSA

Complete any one of the following options to apply for an HSA Account:

Investing your HSA

If you are looking for a greater potential of long term growth in your account, you may be interested in investing your HSA.

Our HSA program has the unique advantage of American Investment Services advisors who will work with you to invest your HSA funds.

If you are interested in investing your HSA, call us at 712-722-4848 and ask to speak with an American Investment Services Advisor ($5,000.00 minimum balance required to invest).